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How to install H4 or 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs - Tips and Tricks from Headlight Revolution


All Lighting Upgrades For Your Application: 🤍 All H4 Style LED Foward Lighting Upgrades: 🤍 In this video, Chris shows how to install and aim some of the most common LED H4 and 9003 bulbs on the market! /-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/ Fitment guaranteed! If it doesn’t work, we will solve the problem for you. We strive to give an excellent customer service experience. Our dedication to delivering on that promise is backed by a no-hassle return policy. We’ll provide a full refund on products returned within 30 days, no questions asked. /-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/ Note: This video is for educational purposes only and may show street-use content with products that may not be DOT compliant for use on public roads. The video is not intended to imply vehicle-specific street legality. LED and HID bulbs are street legal in the USA for fog light use and not in low beam or high beam headlights because they are not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108. When looking for on-road-use headlight upgrades we recommend DOT-compliant headlight housings, not bulb replacements. Certain specialty vehicles strictly limited to off-street use and not having DOT registration or license plates may use these products exclusively off-streets. International street legality varies by country. For detailed clarification on-street use, go to 🤍 /-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/ Other videos that we recommend watching: 💡 Lighting Color Explained: 🤍 💡 Are LED Bulbs Brighter than Halogen? 🤍 💡 Are LED Bulbs Brighter than HID? 🤍 💡 LED Bulbs Brightness Shootout - which bulb is the brightest? 🤍 💡 Which HID Kit Color is the brightest? 🤍 💡 The TRUTH about LED Bulbs! 🤍 /-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/ For the best LED automotive lighting selection in the world, check us out here: 🤍 If you have any questions about any of our products, email us at Sales🤍HeadlightRevolution or give us a call at (218) 755-5200! /-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/ Find us on social media! TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 We Do Lighting Better Because We Test!

Osram LED HL vs. Halogen Bulb - H4 H/L


Lux meter test on Osram LED vs. Halogen bulb. A comparison between OSRAM LED HL vs. stock Halogen in projector headlamp. Osram LED only consume 25 watt vs. Osram halogen 55 watt. * Note * Measuring Lux in this video is not accurate way but it is good enough to get the number. It's simple, higher is better! Lux Meter Range: 0-100000 Buy Osram LED Headlight: 🤍 #Osram #LED #Headlight

OSRAM Night breaker LED: probamos las H4 LED homologadas en Alemania


Hoy probamos las lámparas H4 LED que se pueden montar en algunos modelos de coches en Alemania y otros países europeos. #osram #philips #led

H4 headlights led bulb replacement


لمزيد من الإستفسار يرجى التواصل واتس أب 🤍

Review: AUXITO H4:9003 LED Headlight Bulbs 100w


I’ll be reviewing these 9003 or also known as H4 LED bulb replacements from Auxito. I’ll be testing them out in a 2001 Toyota Tacoma. On the outside of the box, you’ll have some product specifications such as the operating voltage between 9-30 V, IP 67 rating, 6000 K color temperature, operating temperature between -40°F to 176°F, 50,000 operating hours and aluminum housing. They have a thinner frame profile making the light emitting radius much closer to a halogen bulb. This not only maximized output and performance but also provides a clean beam output. #auxito #auxitoled #ledlights #toyotatacoma Product link: 🤍 AUXITO's website: 🤍 15% coupe code: 4DIYERS Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Pintrest: 🤍 The LED lights are finished in a silver aluminum construction. There are four diodes on the light, two for low beams and two for high beams. Also included in the construction is a cooling fan, you can see the blades exposed just below the diode along with vent holes in the side. On the rear you can see the three terminals which is a plug and play setup. No modifications are required to install these. While some LED replacement bulbs do have adjustments, this one is designed so there’s no need for it that, it’s simply installed and you’re ready to go. These have a smart IC driver with a 100w rating making them work in most vehicles without any radio inference problems, can-bus ready and prevent the chance of error warning lights on your vehicle. For installation, start by opening the hood of the truck. Grab onto the tab for the rubber grommet, and pull upward and back at the same time. This will allow you to disconnect from the rear of the light housing. Once you have a view of the bulb, the last step for the removal is unclipping that metal retainer. It’ll have a tang on the one side, push this in, then pull it up and rotate out. The bulb can then be removed. Also make note of its orientation. Make sure your hands are clean so you’re not getting the new LED replacement dirty. Insert it into the housing in the correct position. Those three tags on the outside are different sizes so it only fits in one orientation. Clip in that metal retainer, this will hold the LED light in place. Before installing that rubber grommet you can give it a quick test. Install the rubber grommet, there will be text printed on it that says top. This faces up. Ensure that the rubber grommet is clipped into place, this keeps out any dirt and moisture in the lens. It also pushes around the outside of the LED assembly. Finally is plugging in the electrical connector for the light, again this only has one orientation. I am using the stock housing for testing. I have been testing these for a little while and haven’t found any issues where oncoming motorists were flashing their lights. These bulbs are rated for 20,000 lm as a pair and have a 50,000 hour lifespan. They are extremely easy to install, and no modifications are required for your vehicle. They have a compact design, 12,000 RPM cooling fans, and a 90° turning thermal fluid which improves the lifespan of the lights by keeping them cool. The high beams and low beams are all one assembly here, so they are a direct plug and play. Overall I am extremely happy with these lights. Living out in the country, there can be quite a bit of hazards on the road at night. Especially with no street lights, these will maximize my visibility while driving down those dark country roads. they help with reducing eye fatigue when driving at night, will allow you to see road signs easily, and greatly improve visibility regardless if you are using the lower or high beams. Thank you to all those who watch my videos and support my content. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for future tutorial videos and like my video if you found it helpful. New videos are always being uploaded every week! © 4DIYers 2013 All Rights Reserved No part of this video or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author.

Auxito 100W H4 LED Headlight 2022 upgraded Version 20000LM 6500K unboxing


Purchase Link - 🤍 Subscribe LahisTech: 🤍 Subscribe for more future creative project videos. Thank you. #H4LED

Обзор LED ламп H4 от PHILIPS. Бренд по цене ламп с ALIEXPRESS !!! (11342UE2X2)


LED лампа PHILIPS Ultinon Essential LED: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍philipsauto_central_europe Лучшие LED лампы для линз: 🤍 LED лампы с идеальной СТГ для НЕ линзованных фар: 🤍 Опасный для жизни LED: 🤍 Дешевые резиновые крышки для LED ламп: 🤍 Вечные светодиодные габаритки от PHILIPS 🤍 Есть вопросы? спроси у бывалых! Телеграмм канал TEST LAB: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Группа Test Lab:🤍 Сотрудничество с TEST LAB: 🤍 Наклейки TEST LAB :🤍 Улучшаем свет на бюджетном автомобиле с лампами H4 🤍 Второй канал: 🤍 Тесты галогеновых ламп H7 🤍 Тесты LED ламп H7 🤍 Тесты ламп H4 🤍 Тесты ламп H8 H9 H11 🤍 Тесты ксеноновых ламп D1 D2 D3 D4 🤍 Тесты HOD ламп 🤍 Тесты биксеноновых линз 🤍 Регулировка фар 🤍 Как выбрать лампу для авто 🤍 Ответы на вопросы 🤍 TEST LAB Андрей Финашин.

LED Philips H4 Ultinon led - VALE LA PENA?


Buenas a todos! en esta entrega tenemos este equipo CSP de la marca PHILIPS dedicada hace muchos años a la iluminación automotriz y en este caso probaremos un equipo de gama media de la marca. Un equipo CSP de 15.5w con disipación Pasiva y driver Built in. Vamos a testearlo como siempre pero esta vez lo probaremos con el luxómetro para saber su potencia real y si encandilan a los conductores de frente. vemos si están a la altura de un equipo de esas características y si logra ser una alternativa de compra. no se olviden de poner Like si les gusto, comentar y suscribirse! Muchas Gracias a la gente de San Juan LED por prestarme este equipo para hacer el review! Síganlos en sus redes sociales y le agradezcamos por prestarnos este equipo! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Siganme en mis redes sociales! Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 links de compra Kit de PHILIPS Ultinon led (Argentina): Instagram: 🤍 -Ninguno de los LINKS (Salvo en Tienda AFauto) son míos ni me hago responsable por el trato de los vendedores ni el precio de los productos. esto es un compilado de los productos más económicos que encontré en las dichas páginas.

Cambio a LED: de una lámpara H4 halógena a una h4 LED


Hoy cambiamos la lámpara halógena H4 de una Moto a una lámpara H4 LED de lupa. Probamos una lámpara LEd que casi cumple con la normativa R37. #h4 #h7 #led



Probamos los LEDS H4 mas populares del mercado para ver cuales son mas potentes y aca te mostramos los resultados

Becuri cu led H4 9600 lumeni 6000k



LED Headlight Conversion Review using an H4 LED Headlight Projector


LED headlight conversion review after fitting an H4 LED headlight PROJECTOR to a Citroen C1 headlight. Easy DIY plug n play LED headlights just by changing your headlight bulb. Road legal. 👉LED tail and brake light conversion: 🤍 These H4 projector retrofit kit first came to market about 4 years ago, but have been substantially improved since, mainly the LEDs themselves (led by OEMs) but also manufacturing techniques. H4 LED headlight projector Z6 model tested: WW 🌍 🤍 H7 LED headlight projector WW 🌍 🤍 ☕ Support the channel here: 🤍 ☕ 💡 Subscribe and hit that bell 🔔 to learn more about looking after your car. 0:00 LED headlight conversion review 0:22 Are LED headlight conversion legal? 0:47 How to fit H4 LED projector 2:00 How does H4 LED projector work 2:22 H4 LED headlight vs halogen 2:55 How to adjust H4 LED projector 3:51 Halogen vs LED projector headlights | on a dark road Learn more about looking after your car: 🎥 How to replace a CV [constant velocity] joint boot with a split kit: 🤍 🎥 Don’t let your fuel filter end up like this 100,000 mile old example: 🤍 🎥 Battery & alternator care in this playlist: 🤍 Everyone should have a tyre pressure gauge in their glovebox: 🤍 🤍 I personally prefer a stirrup pump to a foot pump (I use the same one for my bikes and cars) 🤍 Are you trying to grow your own YouTube channel? I use TubeBuddy, try it out for FREE: 🤍 Gear I use in filming and production: 🤍 My videos are edited with Filmora X - try it for free 🤍 Thank you



Λάμπες Led SAMSUNG H4 H7 mover


Λάμπες Led SAMSUNG H4 H7 mover 🤍

LED zamiast żarówek H4 - sprawdzamy jak świecą retrofity Philipsa w starym aucie


Jeszcze kilka lat temu popularną, ale nielegalną przeróbką reflektorów było montowanie w oryginalnym lampach w miejscu żarówek, mocniej od nich świecących ksenonów. Jakie były efekty takich przeróbek? Nie musimy nikomu o tym mówić - bo powszechnie wiadomo, że tak zmodyfikowane reflektory świeciły wszędzie, skutecznie oślepiając wszystkich kierowców. Obecnie na rynku pojawiły się zestawy retrofit LED zastępujące żarówki H4. Oczywiście takie przeróbki świateł są nielegalne, ale postanowiliśmy sprawdzić jak działają światła w których zamontuje się markowe retrofity H4 LED. Ciekawi? LED-owe zamienniki żarówek halogenowych do każdego auta, największy wybór w najniższych cenach sprawdź teraz - LED H7( 🤍 ) lub LED H4 ( 🤍 ) SUBSKRYBUJ: 🤍 Zobacz inne odcinki: Mazda CX-3 kontra Opel Mokka - Auta bez ściemy - 🤍 BMW M550d xDrive kontra Volkswagen Touareg - Auta bez ściemy - 🤍 Skoda Superb - Auta bez ściemy - 🤍 Audi A4 kontra Peugeot 508 i Opel Insignia - Auta bez ściemy - 🤍 Handlarz prawdę ci powie 4. - Trumna na kołach z ważnym przeglądem - 🤍

Auxito Brightest H4 9003 LED Headlight in Summer 2022 Review


Testing out Auxito's Newest and brightest H4 / 9003 LED Headlight in Summer 2022! They claim it's the current best LED on the market! Watch the video and see how I feel. I installed these LEDs on 08/25/22. Only tested them out for a few days and noticed that my DRL light on my dashboard occasionally blinks. I drive a 2011 Honda Cr-v SE. If this happens to you too. You will have to purchase a Load resistor or try a different LED light. My previous Led did not have any issues. Check my channel for those videos. Also, I'm seeing if the Humming of the fans really makes a difference to me vs having that brightness. I'll keep you all informed or just write a comment :) To Find more specifications on these LEDs check the links down below :) Auxito Website: 🤍 *Coupon Code 15% off* MRIII My other YouTube Videos on Auxito LED Headlights: Auxito H4 9003 B7 LED Headlight [9000LM 6500K] How to Install and Road Test !!! 🤍 Top Shelf LED Headlights!! Auxito 9003, H4 🤍 2022 Auxito H4 9003 LED Headlight Review Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:14 - Unboxing 01:27 - Installation 02:26 - Daylight Test 02:39 - Found Something 02:49 - Daylight On Garage Door 03:06 - Nighttime Test 04:30 - Let's Be Honest 04:58 - The Sound 07:30 - Night Drive 09:09 - Final Thoughts 10:57 - Like & Subscribe :)

OSRAM H4-LED Birnen für 130 Euro!! Ich will mein Geld zurück I Einbau im VW UP


Hallo Freunde, in diesem Video kommen wir dem Wunsch eines Zuschauers nach und bauen in unseren VW UP die LED H4 Night Breaker ein.Ob wir dafür eine Empfehlung aussprechen können seht Ihr in diesem Video. Dieses Set haben wir in unseren VW Up eingebaut: OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER H4-LED *🤍 - *Affiliate-Link: Euch entstehen keine Kosten oder Nachteile. Kauf über diesen Link erwirtschaftet eine einstellig prozentuale Provision. Wo, wann und wie Du ein Produkt kaufst, bleibt natürlich Dir überlassen.

Miért tilos a C6 LED H4 égő használata?


Ha tetszett a video nyomj egy LIKE-ot ha pedig nem szeretnél lemaradni a továbbiakról iratkozz fel és ne felejtsd el a kis harang ikont se hogy megkapd az értesítéseket. Bármely elérhetőségemen felveheted velem a kapcsolatot akár személyes üzenetben is és felteheted kérdéseidet ha még maradtak a videó után. ~ Facebook: 🤍 ~ Discord: 🤍 ~ Twitch: 🤍 ~ E-mail: arctelektrik🤍gmail.com ~ PayPal: 🤍 Videós felszerelés: ~Fő kamera: Panasonic Lumix GH4 ~Másodlagos kamera: Nikon D3200 ~Mikrofon: Rode VideoMic GO ~Akciókamera: GoPro Hero4 Session ~Drón: DJI Mavic PRO ~Telefon: Samsung Galaxy S6 PC Live felszerelés: ~Webkamera: Logitech C920 PRO ~Mikrofon: AUNA MIC-900 Nem csúcskategória de láthatjátok hogy működik és ez a lényeg

H4 led dimlicht


Led dimlicht ombouwset inbouwen? Hier mee genereer je tot wel 300% meer lichtopbrengst.🤍

Тест светодиодных ламп H4


Лампы из теста OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER : 🤍 Светодиодные лампы H4 N1 : 🤍 Светодиодные лампы H4 CL6 : 🤍 Светодиодные лампы H4 PHILIPS ULTINON LED : 🤍 Светодиодные лампы SHO-ME G7 : 🤍 Светодиодные лампы H4 CL7 : 🤍 Лучшие LED лампы для линз: 🤍 LED лампы с идеальной СТГ для НЕ линзованных фар: 🤍 Опасный для жизни LED: 🤍 Дешевые резиновые крышки для LED ламп: 🤍 Вечные светодиодные габаритки от PHILIPS 🤍 Сотрудничество и реклама: 🤍 Второй канал: 🤍 Группа Test Lab:🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 MAHA MLT 3000: 🤍 Примеры установок светодиодных ламп: 🤍 Тесты галогеновых ламп H7 🤍 Тесты LED ламп H7 🤍 Тесты ламп H4 🤍 Тесты ламп H8 H9 H11 🤍 Тесты ксеноновых ламп D1 D2 D3 D4 🤍 Тесты HOD ламп 🤍 Тесты биксеноновых линз 🤍 Регулировка фар 🤍 Как выбрать лампу для авто 🤍 Ответы на вопросы 🤍 TEST LAB Андрей Финашин.

universal Mini led projector h4


Тест светодиодных ламп H4. Какие лампы нельзя покупать! Галогенка против LED. Улучшаем свет гранты.


Разбираемся, какие лампы установить в фары Лада Гранта и какие ни в коем случае ставить нельзя!. Устанавливаем все лампы и сравниваем с помощью люксометра показатели. Посмотрим галоген, биксенон и диодные лампы. #ладагранта #диодныелампы #ledлампы #ксенон #биксенон

Pemasangan lampu led h4


Untuk informasi lebih lanjut hubungi salah satu nomor whatsapp kami di: 📦1 : 0858 4211 1188 📦2 : 0816 481 8888 📦3 : 0853 2877 7758 Atau datang langsung ke toko kami di jalan Dr Sutomo No. 103 Pekalongan Timur, Jawa Tengah. (Senin-Sabtu jam 08.30-17.30) Kami melayani pembelian langsung di toko ataupun online melalui: 🛒Tokopedia: 🤍 🛒Shopee: 🤍 Please follow us at : 👍Facebook Page : 🤍 👍Instagram: 🤍 👍Youtube : 🤍 👍TikTok : 🤍 #bis #led #shd #uhd #sdd #bus #hino #truk #fuso #truck #isuzu #volvo #lampu #canter #jetbus #scania #nissan #toyota #fotobis #cctvbis #cctvbus #fotobus #trukhits #stutjack #fototruk #laksana #cctvtruk #videobis #adiputro #karoseri #trukcabe #bismania #videobus #lampuled #busmania #trukquote #trukoleng #videotruk #trukmbois #trukmania #trukcanter #mitsubishi #ayonaikbis #dumptruck #lampupilar #truklombok #lampukanal #trukmalang #pekalongan #trukpantura #bengkeltruk #premiumbus #lampustrobo #cantermania #lampukolong #stutjackmania #lampukustom #cctvindonesia #lampubaktruk #fusokontribusi #modifikasitruk #trukmodifikasi #buspariwisata #mercedesbenz #haryantomania #modifikasilampu #lampumodifikasi #fotobusindonesia #romansasupirtruk #bismaniaindonesia #trukmaniaindonesia #bismaniacommunity #busmaniacommunity



Oggi ho cominciato a provare i KIT LED H4 sotto ai 30€ per Moto Auto e Scooter. Li ho messi a confronto tra di loro. I Test sono puramente oggettivi e non hanno nessuna valenza tecnica/legale, non sono fatti con strumentazione professionale. La leggislatura italiana non é chiara in materia se sia legale o meno montare i led sui fari; cé chi dice di si e cé chi dice di no. Per i test ho utilizzato un faro a parabola di una FIAT PANDA (169) del 2012 Questo tipo di lampada H4 viene montato su Auto Moto e Scooter, anche il mio SH300 ha una lampada H4, quando avrò trovato una lampada che mi piace ve lo farò sapere. ► ISCRIVITI AL CANALE 🤍 ABBAGLIANTI: nel video sono stato poco chiaro chiedo scusa, quando ho fatto le prove in modalità abbagliante si intende la modalità rapida, che accende sia l'anabbagliante + abbagliante con massima illuminazione possibile. I prezzi possono variare, su Amazon cambiano spesso in base alla domanda/offerta, questi che vi riporto ora sono i prezzi che ho avuto io. BISCOTTI bbbbuoni! Prezzo: 3,1€ 🤍 OSRAM Original H4 Prezzo 1 lampada: 3,4€ 🤍 C6 - F Prezzo kit: 9,7€ 🤍 EAGLEVISION - EV18 (Kairiyard) Prezzo kit: 18,99€ 🤍 Chemini - D9 LED HEADLIGHT Prezzo kit: 21,29€ 🤍 PULLILANG - D9 LED LIGHT Prezzo kit: 27,99€ 🤍 EAGLEVISION - HI LO BEAM (Kairiyard) Prezzo kit: 25,99€ 🤍 EASY EAGLE - LED HEADLIGHT Prezzo kit: 28,04€ 🤍 NOVSIGHT - N31 Prezzo kit: 29,95€ 🤍 TUTTI GLI ALTRI TEST SUI LED: ► TEST 0 - IL METODO DI MISURAZIONE 🤍 ► TEST 1 - LAMPADE ALOGENE H7 🤍 ► TEST 2 - KIT LED H7 ECONOMICI 🤍 ► TEST 3 - KIT LED H7 MEDIA POTENZA 🤍 ► TEST 4 - KIT LED H7 ALTA POTENZA 🤍 ► TEST 5 - KIT LED H4 ECONOMICI 🤍 ► TEST 6 - KIT LED H4 OCCHIO D'ANGELO 🤍 MUSIC: Mountain - Text Me Records _ Bobby Renz ► SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA con Prime 🤍 ► Per una garanzia maggiore fai il Prime 🤍 Sostieni il canale con una donazione 🤍 ► I MIEI ULTIMI VIDEO 🤍 ►► E TANTA ALTRA ROBA 🤍 🤍 SEGUIMI SUI SOCIAL ► INSTAGRAM 🤍 ► FACEBOOK 🤍 ► WEB 🤍 Avvertenze: Non mi assumo alcuna responsabilità su errate informazioni. Io faccio solo intrattenimento, se avete problemi andate da un professionista del settore. Io faccio esperimenti. Ogni test è puramente indicativo e non ha valenza legale. In qualità di Affiliato Amazon io ricevo un guadagno dagli acquisti idonei. A voi costa uguale, in questo modo mi aiutate anche a sostenere il canale. Grazie. #danieleproietti #H4 #LED #amazon #testled #kitled



Les ayudamos a tomar en cuenta ciertos puntos para elegir el mejor foco Led en base H4

Test H4 LED /vs klasická H4 žárovka, porovnání nejlevnější LED H4 real v autě. Pro mě zklamání


Přátelé dneska se podíváme na porovnání H4 led žárovky s klasickou H4, je to spíše jen taková ukázka co jsem si pořídil. Kamarád ji má na jawa 350 a moc si ji chválí. Ok přátelé milujeme legendy jdeme se na to mrknout a neberte to moooc vážně 😉

How to install led headlight bulbs - H4/9003 - Novsight Auto Lighting


Novsight Auto Lighting is a company working on the design and selling of the best automotive LED lighting, LED Headlight Conversion Kit, fog Lamp, led work lights, light bar, and so on. Nighteye Auto Lighting company only supplies high-quality LED lights. You can get it from eBay and Amazon. This video will tell you in detail how to install led headlight bulbs (with cooling fan) - H4/9003 - Novsight US Amazon Shop(Comment below for 20% Promotion Now): 💡N11US Series - H11:🤍 💡N11US Series - 9005:🤍 💡N11US Series - 9006:🤍 💡N11US Series - H13:🤍 💡N11US Series - H4:🤍 💡N11US Series - H7:🤍 💡N30US Series - H11:🤍 💡N30US Series - 9005:🤍 💡N30US Series - 9006:🤍 💡N30US Series - H13:🤍 💡N30US Series - H4:🤍 💡N30US Series - H7:🤍 💡N52 Series (NEW) - H13: 🤍 💡N52 Series (NEW) - H11:🤍 💡N52 Series (NEW) - H4:🤍 💡N52 Series (NEW) - 9006:🤍 💡N52 Series (NEW) - 9005:🤍 💡N52 Series (NEW) - H7:🤍 - Click here to discover more LED HEADLIGHTS: 🤍

H4 H7 LED headlight bulb direction


here is the video how to install H7 H4 LED headlight bulb

H4 Nightbreaker LED flackert! Qualitätsprobleme? So reagiert OSRAM (UPDATE)


HUIIII, die OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LED für den H4 Sockel ist da... PFUI, sie #flackert. Das war das Ergebnis eines ersten Videoteils. Ein Zufall? Eine unglückliche Ausnahme? Ich habe weiter getestet und stehe mittlerweile auch mit 🤍osramde in Kontakt. Meine Zwischenergebnisse: JA es gibt ein Problem. Aber auch JA, es gibt eine Lösung! Mit der Anschaffung würde ich deshalb noch warten. ✅ Erster Teil der Testreihe zur Osram Nightbreaker H4 LED ➡️ 🤍 ✅ Weitere themenrelevante #AUSPROBIERT Videos: ➡️ Review Philips Ultinon Pro 6000 H4 LED 🤍 ➡️ Philips Ultinon Pro 6000 LED vs. OSRAM Night Breaker 200 🤍 ➡️ LED Kofferraumbeleuchtung nachrüsten 🤍 🕓 ZEITSTEMPEL/GLIEDERUNG: Night Breaker LED flackert! 0:00 Das sagt OSRAM 2:52 Problem? 3:40 Warum? 5:23 Nachfragen 7:37 So gehts weiter 10:40 * In meinen Videos stelle ich teilweise Produkte vor. Dies kann - insbesondere, wenn das Urteil positiv ausfällt - als Werbung angesehen werden. Um alle rechtlichen Eventualitäten auszuschließen, kennzeichne ich meine Videos ab sofort als "Dauerwerbesendung". Ich möchte aber klarstellen, dass ich keine Videos gegen Geld mache.

Review LED DHP 52W CanBus H4 Super Premium - Double Heat Pipe !!!


LED DHP ini adalah Led super premium paling terang yang pernah saya coba, untuk perbandingannya dengan F3 dan F5, LED DHP 52 watt lebih terang, karna LED DHP memiliki sistem pendinginan yang terbaru, juga chip LED terbaru. Kontak Seller : Otomotif ID WA : 0852 1000 6054 Instagram : otomotif_id.co Link pembelian : Tokopedia : 🤍 Shopee : 🤍 Review LED DHP 60W HB3 High Beam: 🤍 Review LED DHP 52W H11 Low Beam : 🤍 Review LED DHP 52W H11 Foglamp : 🤍 Review LED DHP 52W H1 : 🤍 Review LED DHP 60W H1: 🤍 Untuk lebih jelas, silahkan simak videonya sampai habis... MOHON BANTU SAYA UNTUK SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL INI, BAGI SOBAT YANG BELUM SUBSCRIBE, LIKE VIDEO INI JUGA KOMENTAR DI KOLOM KOMENTAR, AGAR SAYA BISA TERUS MEMBERIKAN TIPS, TRIK, INFO DAN TUTORIAL LAINNYA UNTUK SOBATN SEKALIAN. Instagram : 🤍zans_putra_azzahra Email : fauzanpz🤍gmail.com Terima Kasih Telah Menonton... #leddhp #ledpremium #ledcar

Lampadine led per auto e moto koyoso H4 H7. Fari a led per moto, scooter. luci a led. Tuning


Lampadine a led molto luminose, per vedere meglio e anche più distante. Luce bianca per macchina, moto e scooter. Corpo in alluminio per dissipare il calore e due led per o gni lato, per diffondere la luce a 360 gradi. Lampade della KOYOSO, con attacco H4, ma esistono di diversi tipi, anche con ventila integrata ecc. Ancora non so se siano lampade omologate per i fari, ma sembra che siano tollerate, perchè molte nuove auto escono già con questa dotazione e risultano legali. Le lampade a led più luminose, permettono di vedere meglio gli ostacoli, anche a distanza e ci rendono più visibili dagli altri automobilisti. Ma sono molto apprezzate anche nel mondo del tuning e donano un aspetto più bello alla macchina. La procedura per sostuire la lampadina della macchina non richiede nessuna modifica all'impianto ed è sufficiente smontare le lampade vecchie e mettere queste nuove. Hanno una ottima luce bianca e si possono mettere anche nel faro nella moto e dello scooter. disponinibili anche con attacco h7, h1 ecc Link del modello recensito 🤍 Guarda anche il modello con la ventola 🤍 Guarda tutta la linea della KOYOSO 🤍 Nei prossimi giorni, farò un video durante la guida. _ Solo per contatti commerciali erremmetattoo🤍gmail.com Solo contatti commerciali. Qualunque altro tipo di email, purtroppo verrà ignorato. _ Se ti piacciono le mie recensioni, clicca qui 🤍 Per trovare molte offerte sul fai da te, clicca qui 🤍 ISCRIVITI AL GRUPPO FACEBOOK ITALIANO SUL FAI DA TE 🤍 Seguimi anche su Telegram per tutti gli aggiornamenti sul canale e per vedere in anteprima tutte le offerte che trovo sul web ➡️ 🤍 Metti mi piace alla mia pagina 🤍 per comprare a prezzi bassisimi su Amazon e non solo. Pubblicherò spesso molte offerte. Instagram DIY: 🤍 Fai una donazione... 🤍 Se il video ti è piaciuto e ti è stato utile, aiutami a farlo crescere con una piccola donazione PayPal. Visita anche la mia pagina facebook, 🤍 nella quale inserirò tante novità, consigli e offerte che trovo in giro per voi 😃. Attraverso la chat della mia pagina, puoi richiedermi gratuitamente l’adesivo con il mio logo. Attenzione! Non perdere di vedere la lista degli oggetti che ho testato e che consiglio di provare 🤍 Instagram TATTOO: 🤍 #koyoso #fariauto #lampadineled #tuning

How to install Marsauto M2 Series H4/9003 Led Headlight Bulbs


How to install H4/9003 led headlight bulbs - Marsauto M2 SERIES Product Link: 🤍 Package Included: 2x LED headlight bulb Specification: *Actual Lumen : Up to 12000 lms/Set & 6000 Lms/bulb *DOT Approved *Connector Type :Plug and Play *Voltage:8V-36V *Power : high beam 25w low beam 25w *LED Type: CSP *Color Temp: 6000K Cool White *Waterproof rate : IP 67 *Shell Material : Aluminum Alloy Shell *Beam Angle : 360' *Working Temp : -40'C - +85'C *Life Span:Up to 50,000 Hours *Marsauto 12-month warranty *Model:H4 (9003 Hi/Low) I can be reached via: Facebook: 🤍 Email: marsauto2018🤍gmail.com

PHILIPS LED H4 Ultinon Pro9000 + 250% 12/24V 18W 11342U90CWX2


Н О В И Н К А 🔝 PHILIPS LED H4 Ultinon Pro9000 + 250% 12/24V 18W 11342U90CWX2 Нові лампи для фар Philips Ultinon Pro9000 гарантують надзвичайну видимість під час керування транспортним засобом. Освітлення дороги, яке вони забезпечують, майже на 250% яскравіше й рівномірніше в порівнянні з мінімальним дозволеним стандартом для галогенних ламп, а їх оптимальний спектр робить дорожні знаки більш помітними. "Бачте далі, реагуйте швидше!" - девіз компанії Philips! ✅LED H4 (фари дальнього/ближнього світла). ✅До 250% яскравіше світло ✅Холодне біле світло 5800K (особливо важливо вночі. Це зменшує втому та ймовірність напруження очей, тому водити автомобіль у темряві безпечніше й приємніше). ✅Світлодіоди Lumileds TopContact (Ці унікальні світлодіоди оригінальної якості забезпечують рівномірніший промінь, утворюють менше тепла та мають ідеальний колір світла для чіткішої видимості). ✅Підтримка 12 В та 24 В для ширшого застосування 🔝 ✅Довший строк експлуатації: до 5000 годин (Завдяки системам керування теплом AirBoost і AirCool) ✅Освітлення дороги саме там, де потрібно не засліплюючи водіїв зустрічних автомобілів. (завдяки ідеальному розташуванню світлодіодних мікросхем. Лампи також оснащено технологією Philips SafeBeam, що утворює найкращий робочий промінь без відблисків. Керуйте безпечніше разом із Philips Ultinon Pro9000. ✅Ергономічний дизайн, висока ефективність (Ви без зайвих зусиль установите цю лампу цільної конструкції. А завдяки вбудованому драйверу вам не знадобиться шукати додаткове місце у фарі. Крім того, ця надкомпактна конструкція сумісна із широким модельним рядом автомобілів). ✅Надійність, яку потребують сучасні водії (сертифікований захист від дії пилу та бризок води IP65 не створюють електромагнітних перешкод відповідно до стандартів автомобільної галузі. Ці лампи, призначені допомогти долати труднощі життя в дорозі, вирізняються довговічністю. Насолоджуючись щодня їх яскравим рівномірним світлом, ви відчуватимете себе впевнено за кермом. _ ✅ Весь асортимент на нашому сайті 🤍 📞Телефонуйте/пишіть 0️⃣5️⃣0️⃣9️⃣7️⃣6️⃣3️⃣7️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ (viber) Тетяна  опт/роздріб І нехай в самий темний час доби дорога буде світлою! 🚘 А ми в свою чергу Вам в цьому допоможемо! #АвтоКомпонент - КРАЩЕ СВІТЛО ДЛЯ ВАШИХ МАШИН! Купуйте он-лайн - бережіть себе! Дякуємо, що Ви з нами! _ #автосветТатьяна #зарядноеустройство #PhilipsAutomotive #Osram #аккумулятор #kharkov #ukraine #автосвет #инспекционныйфонарь #фонарь #КсеноновыеЛампы #штатныйксенон #ходовыеогни #харьков #киев #днепр #одесса #ивано_франковск #тернополь #полтава #львов #запорожье #ксенон #автолампа #ringautomotive #followme

💡 PHILIPS Ultinon PRO6000 vs OSRAM Night Breaker LED Testbericht Vergleichstest Helligkeit Messung


Philips Ultinon Pro 6000 OSRAM Night Breaker LED Scheinwerferlampe Testbericht Vergleich Retrofit H4 auch als H7 alle Infos Helligkeit Luxmessung Messung Halogen Vergleich Testbericht Тест светодиодов Osram Lichtfarbe Farbtemperatur Abblendlicht Fernlicht ⚠️⚠️⚠️►↓PRODUKTLINKS↓◄⚠️⚠️⚠️ 💡 OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER H4 LED (aus dem Video) ► 🤍 💡 OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER H7-LED ⚠️- Fertige Komplett Set´s inkl. notwendigen Adaptern ► 🤍 - H7 LED Lampen Einzelset ohne Adapter ► 🤍 ► 🤍 Passend dazu LED Canbus Adapter und Adapterringe von OSRAM (Details siehe im Link) ► Canbus Adapter LEDSC01: 🤍 ► Canbus Adapter LEDSC02: 🤍 ► Canbus Adapter LEDSC03: 🤍 ► Adapterringe & Set´s: 🤍 💡 Philips Ultinon Pro6000 H4-LED (aus dem Video) ► 🤍 💡 Philips Ultinon Pro6000 H7-LED Scheinwerferlampe ► 🤍 Passend dazu LED Canbus Adapter und Adapterringe von PHILIPS (Details siehe im Link) ►Philips Adapter-Ring H7-LED Typ H: 🤍 ►Philips Adapter-Ring H7-LED Typ I: 🤍 ►Philips Adapter-Ring H7-LED Typ K: 🤍 ►Philips Adapter-Ring H7-LED Typ P: 🤍 💡 T10 LED 6000K 3 Watt ► 🤍 LED: ►LED Umfeldleuchten, Kennzeichen, Innenraum,..: 🤍 Nebelscheinwerfer: ►H8, H11, H16 – Halogen & LED: 🤍 ✳️ XENONBRENNER: ⚠️⚠️⚠️ NEU 💡 Osram Night Breaker Laser NEXT GEN +220% NEU ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ► D1S 🤍 ► D3S 🤍 ► D2S 🤍 ► D4S 🤍 💡 OSRAM Cool Blue Intense: 💡 OSRAM Cool Blue BOOST: ► D1S: 🤍 ► D1S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D4S: 🤍 ► D4S: 🤍 💡 Osram Night Breaker LASER Xenon: 💡 OSRAM Original Xenarc: ► D1S: 🤍 ► D1S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D4S: 🤍 ► D4S: 🤍 ► D5S: 🤍 ► D2R: 🤍 ► D8S: 🤍 💡 Osram Xenarc ULTRA LIFE: 💡 Philips Xenon X-tremeVision Gen2: ► D1S: 🤍 ► D1S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D4S: 🤍 ► D4S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 💡 Philips Xenon White Vision Gen2: 💡 Philips Xenon Standard: ► D1S: 🤍 ► D1S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D2S: 🤍 ► D2R: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D3S: 🤍 ► D5S: 🤍 ► D4S: nicht erhältlich ⚠️ ► D2R: 🤍 ➝| http:// amzn.to sind Affiliate Links. ⚠️►►►VIDEOEMPFEHLUNGEN◄◄◄⚠️ ► LED Retrofit Scheinwerferlampen OSRAM / PHILIPS ⚠️PLAYLIST⚠️ 🤍 ► EINBAU Anleitung PHILIPS Ultinon PRO6000 🤍 ► EINBAU Anleitung OSRAM Night Breaker LED 🤍 ✳️TIPP ► Glühkerze / Glühstifte wechseln beim 2.0 TDI Dieselmotor 🤍 ► Xenon Vergleichstests ⚠️PLAYLIST⚠️ 🤍 #PhilipsUltinonPro6000 #osram #testbericht



𝙇𝙊𝙎 𝙈𝙀𝙅𝙊𝙍𝙀𝙎 𝙀𝙎𝙋𝙀𝘾𝙄𝘼𝙇𝙄𝙎𝙏𝘼𝙎 𝙀𝙉 𝙄𝙇𝙐𝙈𝙄𝙉𝘼𝘾𝙄Ó𝙉 𝘼𝙐𝙏𝙊𝙈𝙊𝙏𝙍𝙄𝙕 ✔️✔️ CADA AUTO LO HACEMOS COMO SI FUERA NUESTRO ♥️🚘 ➡️TODOLED ECUADOR⬅️ ✅MODIFICACION DE FAROS ✅Luces LED ✅Xenon HID ✅Pulida de faros ✅Limpieza interior de faros ✅Todas las luces que tu auto necesita: placa, salon, freno, retro, ojos de angel, lupas, proyectores.



Led H4 luz principal alta y baja reales prueba en carretera Chevrolet Spark 2016


Led H4 luz principal alta y baja reales prueba en carretera Chevrolet Spark 2016 🤍

Don't install h4/9003 LED headlights Upside down!


Watch this now! Don't jack up your install! BUY LASFIT LED lights! lasfit.com use promo code: subtledriver Awesome discount! If this helped you save time and headache, follow me on instagram 🤍subtledriver thank you! Help me get to 10k followers! I appreciate you! please contact me on ig for help with your purchase. I recommend LA PLUS for best bang for buck!

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